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Directed by Everardo Valerio Gout
Production Designer: Sophie Becher
Supervising Art Director: Karen Wakefield
Director of Photography: Damian Garcia

Production Companies: National Geographic Channel, Radical Media, Imagine, Pioneer Productions


Concept design of environments and key sets
Set dressing and individual prop design

Our key task was to help the production team with providing detailed concept designs for the key sets.

This included detailed environment and set designs working closely with the production designer and set dec lead, providing designs for the prop department for manufacturing and additional vfx and background design for certain areas.

Mars set design - astronaut cabin
Mars concept design, spaceship interior
Mars set design - spaceship interior
Mars set concept
Mars laboratory set concept
Mars laboratory on fire concept
Mars concept design - room
Mars concept design - city
Mars set concept - space plantation
Mars set concept - broken laboratory
Mars location concept, control room
Mars space suit - costume design
Mars prop design