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Aaand The Alienist is here!

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We are really proud to have had the chance to work with production designer Mara Lepere-Schloop on this project.

Head over here to travel back to the Gilded Age and experience the stunning set of The Alienist in 360:

Building the World of The Alienist | #TheAlienist

Travel back to the Gilded Age and experience the stunning set of #TheAlienist in 360. The madness starts Monday at 9/8c on TNT Drama.

Posted by The Alienist on Friday, January 19, 2018

The Alienist is a psychological thriller drama, set in1890s New York City following the investigation about a serial killer who is murdering street children…

Any MARS fans out there?

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Cover image of MARS series by National Geographic

We had the chance to work on the second season of National Geographic’s MARS as well and we’re excited to see the first look of the show…

Check out this 360-degree video from the sets:

LIVE from Mars (360)

SEASON 2 FIRST LOOK — Join us live in 360-degree video from the sets of National Geographic’s MARS. Look all around as you are fully immersed in the futuristic sets, live from our Soundstage in Budapest, Hungary with the MARS cast as your guides. Post your questions below about the sets and the show and we may ask them live! TUE. SEPT. 5 @ 12P ET

Posted by National Geographic TV on Tuesday, September 5, 2017